Un' Americana a Roma

The sight is remarkable: an athletic competition in a Piazza situated in the center of Rome. A special event,original and spectacular, that always attracts a large crowd gathered behind the barriers that define the circuit.
We are talking about an UN'AMERICANA A ROMA, a competition with an idea "stolen" from cycling events where a car, situated in front of the runners controls the pace of each sprint, forcing recovery time for the less talented to recuperate and for all the athletes together for the next dash.
Each sprint brings runners to cross the finish line where the last athlete is eliminated from the race and the process reinitiates with the group gathering behind the leading car and race director for the next round and sprint.  

The race was created by chance with an idea of ​​Max Monteforte (Responsible for the Top Athletes of the Rome Marathon) in 1989 at the stadium of the Terme di Caracalla.
The ideaimmediately gather a substantial group of athletes to battle for the top step of the podium. At first, it was a self-managed competition organized at the end of June to celebrate the arrival of summer ending the event with refreshments made from sweet watermelon.  

Until 1999, the event was held at the stadium of Terme di Caracalla, then, thanks to Patrizio Mancini, President of the Rome Road Runners Club and Sky Runner owned by Max Monteforte, the idea changed and was placed on the streets of Rome.
The setting; the popular Piazza Don Bosco, at the Tuscolano is where officially UN’AMERICANA A ROMA was born gathering talented international renown athletes.

In the famous district of the Decimo Tuscolano, where the popular television series called "Distretto di Polizia” was filmed, talking of businesses and love affairs between a group of policemen, is the setting of this unique race.
The formula is particularly intriguing, especially for viewers who are impressed by the speed of the sprint and the method of elimination. Over 3000 people create the frame of the square that becomes the noisy track, where sweat, some prohibited elbowing, sudden death sprints and where athletesseem to be totally consumed of energy appear to be out of the race, instead, in the last ten meters they find inner power and a last resource of energy that pulls them through for another round!
The great thing about this event is the excitement (you must see it to believe).
A true competition where the strongest does not always win but often, it’s the most cunning or brave that are victorious. One does not need the knowledge of an athlete to enjoy the event and enthusiasm.
A simple glimpse on the square and seeing the athletes competing is abreathtaking show.  

UN’AMERICANA A ROMA is a good example of what urban planners and sociologists call "popular sport". In big cities, apart from multiplying buildings and making the roads more accessible, the need to bring sport into the cities is important.
A city square can be the perfect setting forracing but also a launching pad for young talents to be recognized. Athletics can bring new audiences andentertain even in populated urban districts.
It takes commitment, initiative but above all a fantasy. 

The race was formed from an idea of Max Monteforte, is registered and all copyrights are held by the SIAE.

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