Create a hotel to boost local tourism, build a school to educate, respect the environment with eco-friendly materials, create a team of champions to winmajor events, promoting the positive values ​​of sport through a strong policy of "NO DOPING". PUROSANGUE is all this and much more: free healthcare for the local population and the possibility of practicing sport for the disabled.

We believe it is possible to create a better future. Offering an opportunity for young athletes to become champions not only in sports but also in life, relying on their own strength, persistence and the desire to achieve great objectives, without resorting to performance-enhancing drugs. All athletes, whose training will be supported by English lessons and sports management, will be given the opportunity to be trained in a secondary job: bricklayer, electrician, gardener, because we believe that with goodwill and  commitment, one can achieve great distances. For us, the real champion is not only the athlete who wins races but a person who commits to achieving a better life for them selves.

The idea 
The idea comes from Max, a runner who has already covered 100,000 km in October of 2015 and Nico, who grew up in Kenya and moved to Europe at the age of 18 years. Max runs since the age of 6, and after 125 career victories is a true talent scout bringing for the past 12 years the best athletes in the world to run the Rome Marathon which in 2010 Runner's World awards as the most beautiful marathon in the world. In addition to organizing, Max coaches talents and teaches clean sportsmanship and NO to DOPING. 

Nico arrived in Italy and dedicated his time to the beautiful Country Resort called "Sant’Antonio" in Montepulciano, Italy: 80 hectares on the hills of Siena where you can relax in an 800 year old converted convent. Max spent a weekend at Sant’ Antonio, met Nico and was bewildered by the beauty and nature that surrounds the resort. Nico and Max both realized they have a common passion: running.

Thus the 1st idea was born: to build a track around Sant’Antonio and give the opportunity to anyone, especially children, to train and build their own future in sport.

Take a Kenyan, Nico, the world's most beautiful marathon, Rome, a runner, Max and the desire to dream to win the Olympics clean, shake and serve: the cocktail gives life to the second insanity, make a film on running: PUROSANGUE to say a strong NO to doping.

Nico and Max, along with a film crew, depart for Kenya where they begin shooting the film that will launch the team of champions and the training camp.

Nico and Max decide to risk and buy a plot of land to build the PUROSANGUE Training Camp. A training camp totally eco-friendly to coach talents, teach clean sportsmanship whilst spreading the culture of healthy sport.

On the 7th March 2012, in Campidoglio, Rome the 1st viewing of the short 25 minute movie PUROSANGUE produced by ASD SKY RUNNER in collaboration with the city council of Rome, New Balance and the Rome marathon was held. The short movie was filmed in Kenya and Italy by Cinelios whilst the editing was done by Pat Network.

Producer: Massimiliano Monteforte
Director: Virginio Favale
Cinematography: Pierre André Transunto
Music: Carlos Sarmiento
Main actor: Gianluca Scuotto
Actor - athlete: Festus Langat
Co-staring as a coach: Sebastiano Colla
With the participation of Giuseppe Cruciani and Roberto Pedicini


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